Do Woodchucks Wear Hats?

The first book in the series of Tilda Pinkerton’s Magical Hats is coming out this year! I’m so excited I could do a happy dance (even a #BloggersDance!). I’ve put my heart and soul into Tilda Pinkerton to create a series that is fun and informative to kids while being super helpful to teachers.

I saw a huge gap in the system with teachers needing material (for free!) that taught beginning and advanced reading that are fun and creative with great social messages too. So I wrote some.

I’ve been working with elementary school teachers on an awesome teacher’s guide and very fun interactive SmartBoard website they can use in their classrooms.  The process is well under way and each teacher activity corresponds to the new Core Standards (preparing America’s students for collage and career!).  Fancy!

I just had to share the first chapter of the first book in the chapter series. I love the characters to much!  This woodchuck was inspired by the woodchuck who lives at the bottom of my driveway and just sits there, watching you. So, I put a hat on him!

Thanks for reading about my new book series.
Super love from me – Angela Shelton.



“Magic—it doesn’t exist,” Albert said. He was seven going on eight.

“What do you know?” said Madison Mae, his sister, the all-knowing eleven-year-old. They were walking down the road from the general store, as they did nearly every day that summer.

“Magic is too real,” she continued. “You just haven’t seen evidence yet.”

Albert kicked at the dusty road alongside the fields of Grandpa’s farm. Madison Mae had been talking about magic a lot. He thought maybe she read too many fantasy books. He didn’t quite know what she meant by evidence, but he did know for sure there wasn’t any magic in his life.

“If there is such thing as magic, then Grandpa wouldn’t be in so much trouble with the farm.”

Madison said nothing. No one liked to speak about that topic these days. Albert was happy to see the red tractor mailbox halfway down the road. That’s where they turned for the long hike up the driveway.

“I think magic is dumb, is all.”

“Don’t be mean,” Madison scolded. “Dumb is a mean word.”

“I don’t mean to be mean, I’m being realistic,” he said.

Madison Mae thought realistic a very good word and was impressed but didn’t say so. Instead, she listened. Albert was about to explain when he stopped in his tracks. Madison Mae followed his eyes and stopped too.

“What’s he doing?” Albert asked, staring at the thing ahead of them.

“He’s not moving,” said Madison Mae.

“I know … he’s just sitting there. Don’t they usually run from us like crazy?”

A woodchuck of very big size had taken his seat on the side of the road before the red tractor mailbox. Albert and Madison Mae had often seen that very same one scurrying across on his floppy belly; but never just sitting stock-still.

“Why isn’t he running away?” Albert whispered.

“I have no idea,” said Madison Mae. “Let’s try getting closer.”

They began toward the woodchuck, trying not to startle him.

“Grandpa says they’re ornery … they’ll tear the end off of a dog’s nose.”

“I’ll kick it if it tries to attack you.”

“What if he goes for your legs?” Albert asked.

“He doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere, I don’t think we have to worry …”

When the two were close enough to get a good look, they stopped again and stared. That’s when Albert and Madison Mae noticed.

The woodchuck was wearing a hat.


Oh I just know you want to know what kind of hat it was. The woodchuck himself tells the children in the next chapter. And yes, of course he can speak.

I’m addicted to YeahWrite!

I just had to share my woodchuck today.

What do you think?

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  • Alison@Mama Wants This

    Oh I love this Angela!It brought me back to the books I used to read when I was a kid. I’m intrigued now!

    • Angela Shelton

      Yay! I’m very giddy with anticipation.

  • jlweinberg

    Love it! Way to go!

    • Angela Shelton

      Yay yay yay! Thanks for sharing it btw. That makes me happy happy happy.

  • Julia

    Oh how fun! I love children’s literature!

    • Angela Shelton

      I’m so glad. We can wait to share these books.

  • Unofficial Openings

    Haha! hat-tastic!

    • Angela Shelton

      Awesome way to put it! LOVE!!

  • Stephanie Brennan

    I’m hooked. What kind of hat? A hat that apparently makes him unafraid? Invincible? And how can it help to save the farm? Cute story. I need more please…

    • Angela Shelton

      OH yay! You’re right up my alley! I’m hooked too and I wrote the thing! Shhh, it’s a helmet. Tilda Pinkerton gave it to him because the farmer keeps shooting at him.

  • Mayor Gia

    Aw, congrats! I hope it does great!

    • Angela Shelton

      Me too! Thank you. I have to admit I get all awwww yay when I see your avatar now. hehe

  • Sisterhood of Moms

    Woodchuck is the best! Gonna need some more, please. Erin

    • Angela Shelton

      YAY! Oh, you’re gonna get more too!

  • Kerry Rossow

    I just attended a meeting tonight about Core Standards! Wowza!
    I can’t wait to see more of your book…

    • Angela Shelton

      Really? Do tell!

  • jamieywrites

    Congratulations! I’m sure it’ll enrich the learning system ;)

    • Angela Shelton

      Thank you! I sure hope so. We are hooking teachers up with a lot of fun (and free) things!

  • Mel

    So exciting for you, Angela! I’m an elementary teacher and my husband and I also write children’s stories. We post them on a podcast. I know this will do great! Kids will love the creativity and you are really able to connect with the characters. I can’t wait to read more!

    • Angela Shelton

      Oh wow!! I love teachers and love working with them. What’s your podcast? And what are your books? Please share links!

      • Mel

        Our podcast is called Night Light Stories.
        Our ebooks will be out this summer. :P

        • Angela Shelton

          Awesome! I have bookmarked it and will watch soon. Very cool!!

  • Katie @ Chicken Noodle Gravy

    How exciting!! This is very, very cool. And the first chapter of the story is phenomenal! I definitely want to read more!

    • Angela Shelton

      Oh my Gawd, hooray for that statement.

  • christina

    awesome, can’t wait to read more! and SUPER CONGRATS!

    • Angela Shelton

      Thank you! Can’t wait to share. It drives me nuts how long it all takes, I’m like why can’t it just come out now, like now?!

  • Miranda

    Congratulations on the book! Love the discussion the kids had about what to do if the woodchuck attacked, lol.

    • Angela Shelton

      hehehe, I’ve had discussions like that as a kid.

  • Jamie Walker

    How exciting! Such a cute character!

    • Angela Shelton

      Thank you! Can’t wait to share more. Gabby Gab is the fav with the little ones.

  • Delilah Love

    This. Is. Awesome. I read it out loud to my kids. The 7 year old wants to know when she can read the rest of it and the 4 year old sat still for more than 30 seconds. That pretty much a standing ovation in this house. Great job!

    • Angela Shelton

      Oh YAY!! The kids are the key and reading this makes me happy happy!

  • Michelle Longo

    I actually want to find out what happens next! Sounds like it’s going to be a great book. Congratulations!

    • Angela Shelton

      Oh yay, yippee, hooray for saying that. It’s coming!

  • Susan

    glad to meet your woodchuck in a hat!

    • Angela Shelton

      hehe, thank you. The magical Tilda Pinkerton gave him that hat.

  • Abby Chamberlain

    In one word? Adorableness. (I don’t think that’s a real word, but it describes the woodchuck perfectly.) :0)

    • Angela Shelton

      I love that word!

  • kdwald

    I love it! The language and story definitely appeal to a range of ages and “types” of kids. Great!

    • Angela Shelton

      Seniors too. :)
      Thank you!

  • Jackie

    How exciting Angela! When will this series be available? I have some of my teacher friends whom would love to use it!


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